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As other social networking website while using FB you will also get some complication or probllem. And to get solution for your probllem with Facebook you can visit officail facebook help community and you can ask your probllem in commumity or visit questions and answer asked by others. If if you are still far from solution and looking for a Facebook customer service number, the you can call on our indipident Facebook customer service toll free number Facebook naver announce anykind of support phone number for users, so for al kind of Facebook probllems we are best choice. Including common probllems (related profile, timiline, image, video status, password or more) we also help clients in growing their brand through Facebook page or help to grab more business through Facebook add.

Our Facebook customer support deal with


Biotelegraph help every client a managing or customizing timeline their Timeline


With the help of us users can easily manage their personal information or profile information


Data and personal information security is one of the major concern on Facebook, we help clients or users in securing their account or personal information.


We help clients in managing or customizing personal information to adjust who can se their personal information or images, videos or statu or who can not

Avoid Friend request:

We will help to manage who can see your friend request or who can not

Some important services provided by our Facebook customer support

  • We help clients or user in Facebook sign up issues
  • Help to setup or manage Facebook account
  • To overcome all privecy or safety concer
  • Help for reporting violations
  • Help to overcome all kind of login issues
  • Overcome all complitation’s with timeline
  • Help to recover password with many methods
  • Assist what kind of password strong how to create stron password
  • Help to manage or resolve all kind of probllem with Facebook app or game
  • Provides support to recover blocked or hacked account
  • Help to create page
  • Review account activity and take away and spam

Common Facebook problems resolved by our Facebook customer service toll-free number

  • facebook not working
  • facebook pictures not loading
  • facebook images not loading
  • facebook not loading
  • facebook marketplace not working
  • facebook dating not working
  • facebook messenger not working
  • facebook gameroom not working
  • facebook photos not loading
  • facebook notifications not loading
  • facebook videos not playing
  • facebook app not working
  • facebook feed not loading
  • facebook dating not showing up
  • facebook not loading properly
  • facebook not showing posts
  • facebook message sent but not delivered
  • facebook messenger not working on computer
  • instagram not sharing to facebook
  • facebook content not available
  • facebook not refreshing
  • facebook code generator not sending sms
  • facebook most recent not working
  • facebook not uploading photos
  • facebook not showing all posts on timeline
  • facebook two factor authentication not working
  • facebook videos not playing in chrome
  • facebook ad not delivering
  • facebook confirmation code text not received
  • instagram not posting to facebook business page
  • facebook not eligible to create username
  • photos not showing up on facebook
  • facebook friends online list not showing
  • facebook tagging not working

Quarries Asked from our Facebook Customer Service team

How can I recover my Facebook account without email and phone number?

If you don’t have access to your email and phone number then don’t worry you can try many methods from these.

  • You can login to your account with an alternate email address and phone number
  • You can search you account with a name and user name
  • You can recover your account with a trusted contacts

After trying allthese pasword recovery methods, if you are unable to regain access to your facebook account, then you can ring us on our toll-free phone number our team will recover your  account for you.

Does Facebook have a dark mode?

Yes dark mode is avalable on Facebook messanger, to activate dark mode in messanger you need to tap or click on dark mode.
For more information about dak mode or to understant how you can easely activate dark mode in you decice you can call on our toll-free facebook number .

How do you contact Facebook if you have a problem?

If found any content on facebook that violate facebook community standard or which is againsed you and relate with you then you can easely report it to facebook.

How do I contact Facebook to restore my account?

Till date facebook does’t announce any contact number for users but users are free to ask their Question in facebook learn and help community and also visit previsiouly asked Question. If you tried this method but unable to sucssed and need additional help or human assistance then you can select our Facebook customer service phone number and get help and advice.

How can I recover my Facebook password with my phone number

  • Go to login page and click on gorgot password
  • Then enter essestional details phone number, email,fullname user name
  • then click on search
  • And after that follow instructions to recover

After copleted these recovery procedure you will absolutely recover your password, For any reason if need nay kind of additional hel for facebook then you can contact our Facebook help team by calling on our toll free  Facebook helpdesk number.

How do I get my Facebook ID

  • Go to the fb.com
  • click on sign up
  • then enter your essestional details(name, email,phone number, password, DOB, gender)
  • click on sign up
  • Then click on finish creating account
  • And afer that confor your emal or phone

Creating Facebook ID is not a difficult task, anyone can easely create and get their ID through these steps , but due to any reason if you are unable to get your Id then imidiately contact with our Indipident Facebook support by calling on our tollfree Facebook contact number.

How do I know if Facebook deleted my account

If this is your friend account and you want to check then go to your timeline, after that click on friend tab then click on name of your friend, if that account was deleten then you will get message they have deactivated their account. If you want to know more about facebook deactivation then you can visit Facebook help page.

How our 24/7 Facebook customer service help you

What is Facebook customer service toll free number

How to connect telegraph through our Third-party Facebook customer service phone numbers

What is a Facebook helpline number of Biotelegraph

For Facebook customer support you can contact our 24/7 Facebook customer service through our toll free Facebook helpline number . With the help of our social media experts you can build and grow your business and improve popularety of your business or brand. And you can also contact our experts for your profile management, timeline management, account security, privecy violation as well as for many more Facebook privecy security and general issues. Biotelegraph is an Indipident social media managenet compny who provides 24/7 service for all kind of social media needs and and advice. So for anykind of socialmedia related help and advice you can contact Biotelegraph.