Welcome to Biotelegraph

Biotelegraph is a trustable promotional platform to promote customer products and brands on social media. We help our customers to grow their business and to make their brands popular on social sites. Biotelegraph company has many years of experience to promote the brands and products on the social media platform and has developed due to its good relationship with customers. Nowadays, In the digital world, ‘Social Media’ is the sharpest weapon to make a perfect target. So this is the most effective way by which we can get popularity or can increase the popularity of our brand and products. We promote the products on different social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.

Our Speciality:

  • Highly eligible and well-experienced team members are always available for the support
  • Instant service provided by the team member
  • Provide unlimited consultancy with a friendly manner
  • Provide good quality of service


Our Motto:

  • Brand awareness
  • Development of marketing
  • Development of community
  • Enhance the traffic of website
  • Generate lead
  • Remarketing

Our goal is to provide the best support and services to our customers and to help them to grow their business. We follow some processes for the marketing of customers business, like brand awareness, enhance the traffic of website, lead generating, remarketing, analyze, and etc. Popularity and branding all are about creating networks and community to the customers no matter which process or medium you use. Biotelegraph has strategies to provide the best social marketing services to spot the right audience. And our commitment is to be with you at any time and anywhere.