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Biotelegraph is a trustable promotional platform to promote customer products and brands on social media. We help our customers to grow their business and to make their brands popular on social sites. Biotelegraph company has many years of experience to promote the brands and products on the social media platform and has developed due to its good relationship with customers. Nowadays, In the digital world, ‘Social Media’ is the sharpest weapon to make a perfect target. So this is the most effective way by which we can get popularity or can increase the popularity of our brand and products. We promote the products on different social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.


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We help to plan and collaborate on your content to improve social media marketing campaigns.


Work as a team to plan, create and manage content and campaigns.


Create and schedule publishing for each social account to improve product visibility.


Effectively analyze and monitor user engagment with unfield inbox.

Build Relationship

We work to build and grow stronger relationships on social media to increase engagement.

Full support

Provide full support to increase and build audiences.

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Our team provides innovative ideas to grow any business or brand and increase audience through social media.

Campaign management

We help clients to run manage and customize campaigns or ads on many social media platforms.

Innovative idea

With innovative ideas and creativity, we always help clients for their business development.

Easy to use

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Get More Audience

We help you to boost your business through social media by managing pages, ads or campaigns

Timely Updates

We timely update clients or responsible persons of any organization about new tips, tricks, and ideas.

Our key skills

Our team is skilled to build and grow a brand on social media and get more audience. To build and for your any new or old business you will get help from us. Our skilled team will help you to plan collaborate, publish content to engage customers on your social media page.

Campaign Management 30%

Create Post 95%

Graphics Design 85%

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